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Based in Australia, Senani recently completed the production of her long awaited album " Infinity". Inspired by her personal experience of life, love and the universe, the album fuses pop/rnb and soul with Indian instrumentation. 

"Voodoo Girl" is the first single to be released from the album (officially released on November 11th 2011) and tells the tragic story of spellbound love and loss. The song features a tabla solo by Bobby Singh and sitar by Sarangan Sriranganathan. The full album will be released shortly. 

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Song list (Infinity, 2013)
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Voodoo Girl
'Free in love, life and spirit'
'Three dimensional life is finite. Oh, the joy in knowing that the before and thereafter is Infinity'
I'm Ascending
' Awaken sleeping giants from your dream '. Return to the throne beside the deities. Lift the veil of consciousness, remember your heritage. Transcend and transform, traversing through the eye of the needle to be born again as Unity'
Just us
I am Woman
' I am whole, yet i am also part of the whole '. Through me, the Universe is born. Through me, the Universe is destroyed. Because of me, the Universe exists'
Sweet thing

This song is inspired by Twin soul love. ' From source to duality, we are heading back to unity with absolute consciousness. On this journey we meet our Twin Soul '.
Nature's Talking
This song is dedicated to my baby dog 'Star' who left this world in January 2011. ' The universal mind manifests its glory in nature, the ecstatic rapture of creation. Awaken to the beauty bestowed on Mother Earth, for she is talking '.
No More

' Love and Peace is the way '
A Special Kind of Girl

Flirting not Working

All Quotations written by Senani Wijesena (inspired by higher love).



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